On the last Friday of August, the 26th, the 1st annual Crypto Summit 2022 dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies will open its doors in the Central Business Space. Such an event is a opportunity to bring together all the most famous representatives of the crypto community.

The top investors, miners and traders of the crypto industry participate, as well as a large number of journalists, lawyers and developers of our country. All guests will be able to get acquainted with the work of funds and exchanges. The regulation issues of crypto-flows and the state approach towards the industry will be especially noted. Crypto Summit makes it possible to dive into the networking of markets and to obtain information from experts.

Crypto Summit 2022 Program

The summit program consists of 9 sections: Development of the crypto industry, Mining, Trading, Regulation, Investments, DAO, Meta, NFT and DeFi. The following topics will be covered separately:

– Crypto winter and ways to survive it;

– What is trending in the market;

– Regulation and taxation of cryptocurrencies.

Digital Business Space is a place where high technologies presented, with the location in the heart of Moscow. Such a space is rightfully considered one of the most high-tech. The construction of the platform completed in 2017. The main goal of the facility is to stimulate the development of digital technologies in the economy and the human capital areas. The determining factors in choosing this space for the crypto forum were the technologies concentration and convenience of the location.

New currencies requires new minds and technologies (c)