How to exchange cryptocurrency in 2022

You must find a suitable service to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money or other currencies at a profit. Most often, exchanges, payment systems, or online exchangers are used for this purpose. There are also crypto-terminals, which are physically located in shopping malls or just on the street, but they are challenging to find, and the service can be extended.

This article will describe the advantages and disadvantages of each method of buying and selling cryptocurrency.


Popular exchanges offer tools for selling, buying, exchanging, and trading cryptocurrencies. Advantages and disadvantages vary and depend on the particular business, but in general, the pros are:

  • the Affordable exchange at your prices, not market prices. If a buyer is found, you can sell the cryptocurrency for even more;

  • popular payment methods, including payment systems, not just credit or debit cards;

  • you can work with the currency directly on the exchange and continue as a trader.

But there are also quite a few disadvantages:

  • only the most well-known exchanges can provide the necessary level of security;

  • to work with currencies, you will have to go through verification, which will take some time and leave no chance of anonymity;

  • a particular exchange may not support your money.

The main drawback is the interface, which can be unreasonably difficult for beginners.

Payment systems

Most often, such systems mean Payeer or Adcash. There are many advantages:

  • it is possible to exchange cryptocurrency without creating an account;

  • reliability at a high level;

  • straightforward interface.

The disadvantages are the commission and the exchange rate, which may surprise you. Also, the exchange depends on the company’s reserves, which may not exist in the direction you need.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

The easiest way to get another currency for your cryptocurrency. It is an intermediary company that helps some people sell coins to others. The benefits are:

  • high transaction speed, usually less than 5 minutes;

  • easy to register and no verification;

  • the commission and the rate are better than in the payment systems;

  • it is easy to pay even with a credit card;

  • high reliability.

The disadvantages include looking at more than one or two companies before choosing the best one. Compare them to convenient services, and you can get the most acceptable option.



In conclusion, we can say that the most profitable and safe exchangers in 2022 remain. The main thing is to find a sufficiently reliable service with prompt technical support and the ability to get your money within minutes.