In recent years, special ATMs for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies have become more common all over the world. This was noticed by hackers who decided to dishonestly get money. One of his victims was General Bytes’ client. They deposited money in hacked ATMs, and the thieves transferred funds to their accounts.

How could this happen?

Representatives of the company have already confirmed that the cryptographic settings were hacked on August 18. The hacker attack was so well thought out that no one immediately suspected anything. The attackers had access to the CAS server, where the cryptographic applications are located. It is he who manages the operations of ATMs.

Hackers have been added to the server as administrators. They simply redirected the incoming money to their wallets. General Bytes did not reveal the number of ATMs that were hacked. Also not called the number of affected customers and the amount they lost. So far, the company has asked to temporarily not use the services of its ATMs. It will take some time for them to be able to work safely again.

By the way, General Bytes is a well-known organization. It owns thousands of bitcoin ATMs in 120 states. You can buy or sell cryptocurrency for no more than 40 coins at a time. The headquarters is located in Prague (Czech Republic). There is no doubt that the hacker attack dealt a severe blow to the company’s reputation. Now she will have to take her safety more seriously to look reliable in the eyes of customers!