Cryptocurrencies whose popularity has been undermined by the hot summer, will soon rise. This is particularly true for Uniglo (GLO) and MakerDAO (MKR), which will find new investors by November.

The cryptocurrencies complete the fall, caused by the summer heat, analysts say. The weather has undermined many digital assets, including even Bitcoin and Ethereum. The latter is gaining investment weight again and Uniglo will follow.

This behavior of the asset is dictated by the model of its regulation. The digital currency is run by a community of founders who systematically limit supply by raising the price. This decentralized approach, if the dictate of a particular central bank is excluded, has even attracted investors who have been swept along by Ethereum and Fantom, who once followed a similar development path.

Another advantage of the Uniglo model is that the transaction chain is available to the public – each is documented in the public domain, which allows any project participant to view the addresses of the sender and recipient of the GLO. Such openness is not possible for Fiat currencies, which are often operated by secret central banks. Clients will have access to a safe and secure space via Uniglo with the Ethereum blockchain. A distributed ledger makes transactions secure, transparent, and unchanging.

As a result, users do not need to rely on a third party or worry about the security of GLO as they have just passed the KYC check provided by Consult. A similar fate is predicted for MakerDAO, which is the currency of the “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. Decentralization seems to be becoming the main driver of the growth of cryptocurrencies.